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Our Mission

The Asociación de Colonos de Todos Santos (A.C.T.S.) is a legally recognized Mexican non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to sustaining and improving the quality of life of our community, and to preserving our natural surroundings and habitats.

Our Purpose

To take a pro-active role in supporting and representing our area’s interests as a recognized voting body to Municipal, State, and Federal government agencies, as well as community organizations, and the media.

  • To be a valuable resource of information on matters relevant to community.
  • To support initiatives that protect and enhance property values.
  • To encourage responsible stewardship of the land for generations to come.

As residents of this special place, we wish to protect and improve our neighborhoods, community and nearby areas. Officials of the Mexican government have made it clear that we must be an officially recognized voting body in order for our concerns to be heard. A.C.T.S. exists for that purpose.

Our Meaning

The name “Colonias de Todos Santos” or “Los Colonas” means “residents” & “neighborhood areas” of Todos Santos. We are officially registered as a formal association that can legally speak with officials. Whether you have specific issues solely in your neighborhood, such as a water shortage, or share common issues such as trash collection and road grading, we all benefit from the strength our unity gives us.

Our Team

Sergio Jauregui


Lisa Demoney

Vice President

Anita Harris


Laurel D’Angelo


Vickie Butler


Wendy Rains


Judy Welch


Tom Carroll