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Environmental protection

Part of the mission of A.C.T.S. is to protect and preserve our natural habitats in Baja California Sur. The Environmental Protection Committee's purpose is stewardship of those habitats.

This is accomplished by actively supporting current environmental protection laws, monitoring illegal construction in protected areas, collecting data on the impact of natural and man-made environmental stresses including storms and development, and more.

Planning and Zoning

The Master Plan

The Subregional Development Program, also referred to as The Master Plan of Todos Santos and surrounding areas, came into effect on August 12, 2012, and is active legally and binding for this Municipality from Las Playitas (Agua Blanca) to the South Border of Ejido Plutarco Elias Calles.

The Subregional Development Program is derived from a study of the town of Todos Santos and surrounding areas, based on the characteristics, culture, activities, zone, etc.

This Program is not a codified program. The difference between this Program and a codified program is that the last one is unbreakable.

The studies of the Subregional Development Program give projections on a 30-year basis.

The Technical Zoning Regulations establish conditions, characteristics, requirements and other elements that should be covered by the land owners/holders and by the Experts in Urban Development in various aspects of the program, which help regulate the zoning and land uses of the subregional area, promoting the proper order thereof.

Local persons will be named as Advisory for the Master Plan and an Advisory Board can review the document every 6 months.

Highlights of the Program

To read the highlights of the program, including permitted land uses, lot coverage, permit regulations, zones and more click here.

A.C.T.S. in Action

Construction started on a dunes lot in early 2016 near Calle Los Mangos, in violation of the law and without proper permits. The Eco Committee of A.C.T.S. collected nearly 600 petition signatures supporting the The Master Plan of Todos Santos, which does not allow permanent structures on our barrier dunes. All activity was stopped by Profepa and the owners were given ample time to produce proper permits and environmental report. They failed to do so.

In 2021, a group of concerned residents, “Friends of the Dunes”, including A.C.T.S. advisors, hired scientific experts to define and corroborate the importance of the coastal dunes in our area. The Dune Survey identified all the dynamic protected dunes in the Todos Santos region along with the threats they face due to illegal activity. The study has been presented to governmental authorities. 

In 2022, when Tekio brought a portable rave to the beach near Calle Los Caballos, A.C.T.S. contacted the delegado and called upon its members to join the protest. Within 24 hours, the illegal operation was shut down for lack of proper permits and potential damage to the  dunes, which are an environmentally protected turtle habitat.

Beach Erosion Monitoring Program

In 2017, A.C.T.S. Baja headed up a monthly Beach Monitoring Program to provide data regarding erosion due to storms and construction, as part of a scientific study of the dunes. This was a massive undertaking, and we are proud of the work accomplished on behalf of preserving our environment.

 The whole Coastal Area around Todos Santos has turtle nesting going on a good portion of the year. For this reason, it is illegal to drive ATV’s or cars on the beach. For hatchling sites and more information go to:

Turtle Release Program

Visit Tortugueros Las Playitas to learn more about protection of turtle habitats in Baja California Sur and to participate in the turtle release program.

Turtle Nests

Three species of Sea Turtle nest on the beaches of Todos Santos. Olive Ridleys nest year round, Leatherbacks from October to April, and Blacks from September to February.

Mining - No A La Mina

Why the battle against the mine is so important


On 17 September 2018 Mexico’s President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador promised demonstrators that his incoming government will hold a public consultation on whether the Los Cardones gold mine project should be developed. A.C.T.S. Baja will continue to monitor the situation.

Organizations opposing the proposed Los Cardones Mine

• Frente Ciudadano en Defensa del Agua y La Vida, A.C. (coalition of social groups and organizations with a common goal of protecting BCS resources)
• Medio Ambiente y Sociedad, A.C.
• Agua Vale más que Oro, A.C.
• La Sociedad de Historia Natural Niparajá, A.C.
• Sociedad Organizada por Sudcalifornia, A.C.
• Agricultural and Fishing co-ops of southern BCS

Illegal Cell Tower Construction

A.C.T.S. members actively mobilize against the building of illegal cell towers in our neighborhoods and near our schools, as mandated by the Todos Santos Master Plan, Subregional Development Program. If you suspect a cell tower is being constructed illegally in your area, email