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Health & Wellness

This committee focuses on the prevention and care for common Baja Sur ailments, along with volunteer services to support infirm and aging persons in our town.

During COVID, when the town was shut down and many people lost income, we shifted our focus to ensure that no family went hungry. We raised over $150,000 USD, all of which went directly to purchase and deliver pantry staples to those in need.

Comfort Care & Assistance

Our Beginning

Founded in 2017 by member Wendy Rains as a program by A.C.T.S., Comfort Care & Assistance is a group of over 40 trained volunteers coming together as friends helping friends in times of need. Comfort Care & Assistance provides support for individuals and their families in Todos Santos and surrounding areas.

Volunteer Services

Volunteer Services include hospice care and bereavement counseling. They also offer senior assistance, post-surgery care and support, and palliative care, for a small fee. To learn more, or to volunteer, please contact

Todos Santos Community Organization photo by Lisa Demoney

Death and Dying in Mexico

Are you aware of all that is required of you in the event you or a loved one passes away while here? There are many steps that must be taken, as well as the legal paperwork to have on hand. 

The whole process is complicated and must begin within an hour of death, no matter what time it occurs. It is something we all must be prepared for in order to avoid being blindsided by everything you are required to do, all while grieving.

Adios Amigos Kits

The Comfort Care & Assistance committee has created a kit called Adios Amigos, Goodbye made easy for family and friends, which gives you everything you need to know and have on hand to assist your loved ones in the event of your death as a foreigner in Mexico.

The $500 peso donation per kit goes to Comfort Care & Assistance and A.C.T.S., A.C.

To get your kit, contact

Tips for Staying Healthy

Rattlesnake Bites

Dengue Fever Prevention

Rip Currents