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Why Become A Member?

Whether you are a full or part-time resident, if you do not have Mexican citizenship, your rights to address issues and improvements in your area are limited. As an A.C.T.S. member, you have a stronger, recognized voice to make requests for actions by the local government to help protect, preserve, and maintain our community.

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How to become a member

It's easy to join A.C.T.S. Simply fill out our membership form online here.

What is the suggested donation for membership dues?

Memberships dues are a suggested donation of $500mxn per person or $750mxn per household. There is also the option to donate volunteer hours instead of paying membership dues. We always need talent to help with communications, translations, community outreach, or to lead a committee.

How are the membership dues used?

As a non-profit organization, A.C.T.S. relies on membership dues to pay taxes, the accountant, website maintenance, office supplies, and to fund projects voted on as a top priority by our members. Dues are collected by the Treasurer and deposited in the Association bank account. All financial records can be viewed at any time upon request, and are shared with members at the annual meeting. Our policy is transparency and accountability to members.

Become a volunteer

There are many ways to get involved:

  • Join a committee or volunteer with Comfort Care.
  • Participate in our neighborhood watch program, Vecinos Vigilantes.
  • Let us know what’s happening in your barrio so we can include it in our reports to the delegado.
  • Use the La Paz es Posible app to report water leaks, illegal construction, potholes, and more.
Todos Santos Community Group

Stay active from other locations

Even if you live part-time somewhere else, you can still have an impact. Stay current through our newsletters and Facebook about local needs and the actions that A.C.T.S. is taking. Help spread the word and educate others on the issues we face. Raise support by sharing through your own networks and on social media.

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