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Proper waste management is an ongoing challenge in our pueblos. There are a number of programs that address trash collection and recycling either started by A.C.T.S. members, or by partnering with other community programs.

Trash collection

As a reminder, there is a law against burning trash in an effort to improve air quality and the health of local residents. If your trash isn’t collected, read on for your options to ensure your trash is removed properly. Your tax dollars fund trash collection in town and in most neighborhoods in Todos Santos. Keep in mind, service can be suspended if the trash truck needs repair, or if there has been a heavy rain.

Trash drop-off

You can bring your trash and recycling to the Las Tunas neighborhood, Calle Las Playitas, across the street from Cleo’s Restaurant, every Saturday 7:30am-9:00am. Suggested donation $50p.

Cabo San Lucas Volunteer Photo Lisa Demoney

Private Options

Talk to your neighbor to see if there’s someone who collects the garbage to bring to the dump. They will be able to provide contact information, cost, and other details. Also, consider donating your gently used, no-longer-needed items to local fundraisers or the DIF office in town.

Please make sure the person you trust to take your trash away goes only to approved, official dump sites. Report any violations of illegal dumping in residential areas to the Municipal Police. Fines will be levied.

The Dump

Location: 19 hwy, when leaving Todos Santos, go past K58 and make a u-turn.


Ecorrevolucion A.C. Recycling
Center at Punto Verde
Contact: Alex Miro Location: Calle del Huerto at the 19 hwy
Visit the website:

Alianza Cero Basura / Zero Waste Alliance

The Zero Waste Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, inspiring and connecting our community to engage in zero waste practices. They work with the local, municipal and state governments to influence policy and create new waste management strategies and systems. For more information contact

Zero Waste

Trash Clean-Up Group

If you would like to organize a neighborhood trash clean-up group, email